Mock OSHA Inspections

Mock-OSHA Inspection Wichita KS

Need a Mock-OSHA Inspection in Wichita KS?  Companies located in or near the greater Wichita Kansas area who are looking for an evaluation of their level of compliance with OSHA health and safety standards should consider having a "Mock-OSHA inspection" performed at their site by an OSHA expert.


A Mock-OSHA inspection can help you identify areas where safety and health violations exist within your operations. And that helps you avoid OSHA citations and very expensive financial penalties. You may be in need of a limited inspection that focuses on a particular safety program or piece of equipment, or a comprehensive evaluation of your overall safety program. Or you want want an inspection as part of your due-diligence efforts when acquiring another business. Whatever the case, a seasoned Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with extensive experience in OSHA compliance is available to conduct a mock-OSHA inspection for your organization.


A comprehensive mock-OSHA inspection includes a review of your OSHA mandated written health and safety programs, employee safety training records, and injury / illness records. The audit also involves a walk through of your operations to identify safety hazards that represent violations of OSHA standards. If needed, a noise survey and / or air survey can be conducted to quantify employee exposures relative to OSHA permissible exposure limits. Or, as mentioned above, you may only want an evaluation that is limited in scope to a particular issue.


You will receive an oral recap of the findings of the mock-OSHA inspection at the end of the visit, along with recommendations for corrective action. And unless instructed otherwise, you will receive a comprehensive written report in a few days that lists the findings and recommendations. We can also offer assistance with implementing the recommendations if needed.


We offer this service to clients with manufacturing operations, shipping/receiving and warehouse operations, assembly sites, chemical processing, service industries, maintenance facilities, laboratories, and medical or dental operations located anywhere in the greater Wichita KS area. We also work with your attorney, if necessary, to perform this work at their direction when, in anticipation of pending litigation, the findings of your inspection needs to be protected.











Mock OSHA Inspection Wichita KS