Mock OSHA Inspections

Air and Noise Surveys

OSHA health standards require employers to evaluate their employees' level of exposure to air contaminants and / or noise levels when exposed to these harmful agents. As part of your Mock-OSHA inspection, you can request for us to conduct and air survey and / or noise survey at your site.

Air surveys are geared to quantify employee personal exposure to select air contaminants, such as but not limited to welding fume, paint vapors, chemical exposures, respirable dust, hexavalent chromium, asbestos, and more. All surveys are conducted with equipment and protocols meeting OSHA requirements. Results of the air survey(s) are compared against established OSHA permissible exposure limits (PEL's), and a written report detailing the protocol and results of your air survey are prepared and delivered in a manner of days.

Workplace noise surveys typically consist of placing noise dosimeters on select employees who work in high-noise areas for the duration of their work shift. At the end of the survey, we document their 8=hour time-weighted exposure to workplace noise, and compare those exposures to allowable exposure limits established by OSHA's noise standards. Then you will know if employees must be included in a hearing conservation program, as well as if they are required to wear hearing protection equipment (plugs or muffs . . .). The results of your noise survey will be issued to you in writing in a few days, in the form of a written survey report documenting the , protocols, equipment, findings of your survey, as well as mandatory employee notification forms required by OSHA.